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Exterior Painting - Spray vs Brush

I am often asked about the merits of applying paint with a brush versus applying paint with a paint sprayer. There is huge disagreement over which is better, even among Painters. There are several myths about spraying, started undoubtedly by Painters who could not afford spray equipment. My experience has led me to be in strong support for spraying a house. Here are the bottom line facts:

  • Contrary to popular belief, spraying uses MORE paint than brushing. In fact, spraying uses more than twice the amount of paint.

  • Spraying is a much higher quality finish than brushing which promotes longer paint life. Automobiles, fine furniture, industrial equipment, and many other processes use spray systems because a of the high quality finish. How many cars do you see that have been painted with a brush? How many fine dining room tables do you see that were finished with a brush?

  • Brushing leaves minute lines in the paint that trap dirt, molds, and mildew. This is what rots wood.

  • Brushing a house one time takes 4 times longer than spraying a house. Brushing almost always requires two coats so you are paying 8 times more money for a lower quality paint job!

Preparation of the surface is far more important than how you paint your house and even what brand and quality of paint you use.

The length of time your paint job lasts is more a factor of how you live in your house than how you paint your house. Keeping your heating and cooling at the same levels for the whole season, using bath fans religiously during showers and baths, using your range hood during cooking (provided it is vented to an outside location) and proper insulation will do more to improve the life of your paint than how you paint it.

Another important factor in how long your paint job lasts involves the regular maintenance of your exterior. Wash your house at least once every year (not powerwash as powerwashing does damage), keep your gutters clean, and keep bushes and trees away from the house.

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